NTP, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

            NTP, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner


We are Brad and Cheri and we grow Microgreens on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula right outside of Hoodsport, WA. What started as a wonderful fun hobby has turned into a business. We grow in a very controlled environment, and only use Organic non-Gmo seeds.  We also use only Organic soil and BPA free growing trays to insure a very clean and pure product.

We grow on a 7-14 day cycle year round.  I'm constantly trying new seeds and various mixes for added nutritional value to your salads and sandwiches or to eat alone.  Microgreens are at their highest nutritionally when eaten fresh from the cut, so buying local just makes sense.  Give them a try!  We love them! We hope you do too!  

*Currently selling at the Olympia Farmer's Market every Saturday and Sunday 10-3.  Stop by and say Hello..I would love to meet you!