Anti-inflammatory Cauliflower Soup!  

Three ingredients!  Bone broth or salted water (4cups).  l large head of organic Cauliflower..broken into small pieces.  Steam for about 5 minutes.  Add to Vitamix blender with half of liquid...until smooth and creamy.  Add Grass fed butter or Olive oil to taste along with more salt if needed.  Add any spices you love!  I then added our SPICY BLEND AND AMARANTH micro's due to their super high nutritional value (anti-cancer blends) on top.  I wanted some added healthy fats, so I sliced some Avocado with mine.  Great morning soup!  Easy and nutritious!!


Super cellular salad...we use the sunflower shoots, and the pea shoots for our base...then add some broccoli and kale micro greens...some sunflower seeds and chicken for added protein..rounded off with a couple're getting a TON of enzymes, and oxygen to make you feel amazing..and keep all the nasty stuff away!  Use your imagination with the micro's...if you want some spice add some spicy mix, or radish mix!  YUMMY and EASY!  Top with a very light vinaigrette.

So this is an amazing "guilt free" pizza that I think you'll love.  Super easy!  Follow the recipe below, and

top with your favorite micro green...I used broccoli on mine and it was delish!


  • 2 cups shredded cauliflower (I shred mine in my food want it look like rice when you're done)
  • 2 cups mozzarella cheese
  • 2 eggs


Mix all together.  I know you're thinking this can't make pizza crust, but it will I promise. 

 Put crust onto parchment paper on your pizza pan.  With slightly wet hands form pizza crust on the pan.  Bake this crust at 450 for fifteen minutes.  It will look slightly brown.  Let cool for a couple minutes.

Add your pizza sauce, and all your favorite pizza toppings.  Put back into the oven until cheese is melted.  

Top with your favorite microgreens...broccoli was awesome on this.  Adds a nice little crunch while boosting the nutritional content of your pizza!!