Adding a few new products!

Farmer's Market is so much fun!  I get to interact with some amazing Vendor's and meet some really amazing people!  Talking to so many of you gives me such great ideas for new products to bring to market.  

This weekend I brought my Microgreen Nutrient Powder and it sold out pretty quickly!  I'm loving this blend because so many of you ask me about how you can make your Micro's last longer if you can't eat them right away and I think this is a great solution.  I dehydrate them slow and low....85%  to preserve the most nutrients possible and give you a great powder to add to your morning smoothie.  One to two tablespoons is all you'll need to enjoy great nutrition in your daily smoothie!  

I think this is a win win solution for both of us because I'm always going to be bringing back greens after a weekend at the Market...that's just the business, and knowing that I have very little waste of my products just makes me VERY HAPPY!!  We can only eat so much and I hate running out so I always bring extra to market!  This powder is the perfect solution.

Also I'm always on a mission to find the safest best solution to using plastic containers for my product at market.  Unfortunately I can't use glass even though I'd love to...just not practical.  I'm working with three companies currently that believe in a mission of supplying the safest storage possible for small companies like mine, and who believe in keeping our bodies safe and our planet this!!  Stay tuned...I'll be bringing those to market soon.  

I won't be working every Friday market because of my growing schedule, but will see you every Saturday/Sunday through October.  Thanks so much for all your support!!! xoxo