Keeping it cool!

So the weather is warming up and the struggle is very real keeping everything cool and happy these days!  Micro greens, are like little toddlers, in that they WANT WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY WANT IT!!  Perfect temp, perfect humidity, perfect air flow, perfect amount of get the picture.  

I'd say the best thing to do is to keep MY cool while keeping THEM cool..haha.  No need to over stress here, but you hate to lose any of them!  In a perfect world, the temps would remain consistent, the water PH would be a lovely 6.0, and air flow, well, it would be like a small ocean breeze flowing perfectly over the greens, supplying just the perfect amount of humidity...then reality sets in!   It's ok, we're all learning together, and so far most of the time it's been a wonderful relationship..haha.  

The Olympia Farmer's Market has been super fun and I love meeting so many wonderful people!  I cannot thank you enough for stopping by and saying hello and asking questions, and learning about the Micro greens process and all their nutrition.  I love educating and being a part of the market!  As a Certified Nutritionist it's just a habit to talk "shop" with those wondering about what plant provides what fun!

Thanks again for your support...I really appreciate you!  See you at the Market!