Why we're putting Microgreens on just about everything!

Wow, the science just keeps coming in about Microgreens.  We of course all knew how important it is to eat our greens each and every day, and unfortunately for most of us that just doesn't happen.  Huffington Post just came out with an new article stating nutritional facts about these greens.  We're still finding out exactly what each microgreen does for the body, but thought I'd post this new information.  

Microgreens are REALLY rich in OXYGEN!  Why is this so important?  An oxygenated body protects against abnormal cell growth i.e. cancer.  These dangerous cells just don't love a body that is full of oxygenated blood.  The nutrients in Microgreens help to support cellular regeneration because they're loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and especially enzymes.  Enzymes are fabulous for protecting us against free radical damage to our cells...get the picture here?!  They also help to protect us against viruses and bacteria since those don't survive well in oxygenated blood.  Win win!

Get your greens folks...and make most of them Microgreens for sure!