Growing Nutrition in a VERY small package!

Did you know that you can get a whole days worth of nutrients by just taking in a small amount of Microgreens?  It's pretty incredible to think about really.  The key at the end of the day is "absorption".  How many nutrients are we really ingesting at the end of day when it comes to our vegetables?  Because of the density of these plants at this stage, you're actually getting a higher amount of nutrients absorption because of it's high density the ounce!  You don't need to eat 5 broccoli plants at one sitting, which would be nearly impossible, but you can eat an ounce or two of broccoli Microgreens and have your entire days worth of valuable well as being able to absorb these nutrients much better because you're able to chew these small plants well and digest them and utilize them better.  Some research has shown that it's actually best to eat them straight without adding a lot of others foods with them, but whichever way you choose, you'll still reap the benefits.  So many of the nutrients are destroyed from our larger counterpart plants, which makes them less nutritious, so it's such a great thing that growing these plants and harvesting them at an early stage without any chemical pesticides you are really getting such a great bang for your buck!  It's a fantastic nutrient dense a small adorable little package..I sell by the ounce :)