Organic Certification Complete!

After waiting a few months we're finally Certified Organic!  Whoop whoop!  I'm very excited about this..more paperwork, but totally worth it in my view.  

Fall is in the air, and Friday we're officially into our fall season.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how things go out at the market this winter.  I'm planning my growing schedules and also what I'll be wearing to keep myself warm..haha!  I've heard it gets very cold out in the market barn!!  

I'm currently trying some new blends and mixes..choosing the highest nutritional ones of course to bring your way.  Let me know if you have a favorite or if there's anything you particularly love.  It helps me moving forward with ordering.  

One last note...remember 80% of our immune health is keeping our GUT healthy!  Microgreens are amazing plant warriors that help fight against disease in the body.  Prevention is always key, so keep eating these wonderful baby greens!  Moving forward into winter months...warming broths and pre/probiotics will keep your tummy well.  

See you at the market...I'll be the one with two heaters at my feet..haha.  Thanks for your support!




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For those of you who want more nutritional information and updates and my days and times at the Market, please check out my Facebook page at Olympic Microgreens!  

My hours can sometimes change due to my growing cycles, but my main days are Saturdays and Sundays 10-3.  

I LOVE meeting each and every one of you and can't thank you enough for your support!  I only try to grow the most nutrient dense Microgreens for your health!  If I find one that is a standout, I'll try and bring it in for you to try!  

I'll continue to explore new blends as well...for the MOST in nutrition...blending just adds some cool flavors, but mostly boosts the nutritional levels even higher, which is what we all want right?!

This week check out my Facebook post on Broccoli....and the AMAZING SULPHORAPHANE that we all need to be eating!!  It's a YouTube post, and so very important!  Just more proof that Microgreens are SUPER Warriors of Nutrition!

Check out my Facebook page and see you at the Market!! xoxo

Adding a few new products!

Farmer's Market is so much fun!  I get to interact with some amazing Vendor's and meet some really amazing people!  Talking to so many of you gives me such great ideas for new products to bring to market.  

This weekend I brought my Microgreen Nutrient Powder and it sold out pretty quickly!  I'm loving this blend because so many of you ask me about how you can make your Micro's last longer if you can't eat them right away and I think this is a great solution.  I dehydrate them slow and low....85%  to preserve the most nutrients possible and give you a great powder to add to your morning smoothie.  One to two tablespoons is all you'll need to enjoy great nutrition in your daily smoothie!  

I think this is a win win solution for both of us because I'm always going to be bringing back greens after a weekend at the Market...that's just the business, and knowing that I have very little waste of my products just makes me VERY HAPPY!!  We can only eat so much and I hate running out so I always bring extra to market!  This powder is the perfect solution.

Also I'm always on a mission to find the safest best solution to using plastic containers for my product at market.  Unfortunately I can't use glass even though I'd love to...just not practical.  I'm working with three companies currently that believe in a mission of supplying the safest storage possible for small companies like mine, and who believe in keeping our bodies safe and our planet this!!  Stay tuned...I'll be bringing those to market soon.  

I won't be working every Friday market because of my growing schedule, but will see you every Saturday/Sunday through October.  Thanks so much for all your support!!! xoxo

Working on Certification..

For those of you who have gone through Organic Certification...congratulations!  I've just currently filled out all my paperwork and have started my process...whew!  Although it's a lot of paperwork, I'm very excited to proceed and get finished with my process of becoming Certified Organic.  I've already been using organic soils and seeds, so I think it's important that I get my label certification.  Stay tuned...I guess it takes a few months!


Thanks again for all your support...MUCH APPRECIATED!!  

Keeping it cool!

So the weather is warming up and the struggle is very real keeping everything cool and happy these days!  Micro greens, are like little toddlers, in that they WANT WHAT THEY WANT WHEN THEY WANT IT!!  Perfect temp, perfect humidity, perfect air flow, perfect amount of get the picture.  

I'd say the best thing to do is to keep MY cool while keeping THEM cool..haha.  No need to over stress here, but you hate to lose any of them!  In a perfect world, the temps would remain consistent, the water PH would be a lovely 6.0, and air flow, well, it would be like a small ocean breeze flowing perfectly over the greens, supplying just the perfect amount of humidity...then reality sets in!   It's ok, we're all learning together, and so far most of the time it's been a wonderful relationship..haha.  

The Olympia Farmer's Market has been super fun and I love meeting so many wonderful people!  I cannot thank you enough for stopping by and saying hello and asking questions, and learning about the Micro greens process and all their nutrition.  I love educating and being a part of the market!  As a Certified Nutritionist it's just a habit to talk "shop" with those wondering about what plant provides what fun!

Thanks again for your support...I really appreciate you!  See you at the Market!

First day at the Olympia Farmer's Market!

So just had my first weekend at the market!  It was so much fun meeting everyone who is interested in eating clean and healthy food.  Adding some micro greens to any diet will help!  I really had no expectations, and just wanted a fun, relaxing (haha) day.  I'm just so passionate about putting healthy foods into the body, and keeping it fun and easy.  I hope this comes across when speaking to everyone!

Looking forward to adding my "mixes" and adding some Cilantro greens and Basil greens for intense added flavors to your meals.  Always want to be changing it up if I can.  Thanks so my amazing husband who helped me get this going...couldn't have done with without him!  xoxo


See you all at the market!




Why we're putting Microgreens on just about everything!

Wow, the science just keeps coming in about Microgreens.  We of course all knew how important it is to eat our greens each and every day, and unfortunately for most of us that just doesn't happen.  Huffington Post just came out with an new article stating nutritional facts about these greens.  We're still finding out exactly what each microgreen does for the body, but thought I'd post this new information.  

Microgreens are REALLY rich in OXYGEN!  Why is this so important?  An oxygenated body protects against abnormal cell growth i.e. cancer.  These dangerous cells just don't love a body that is full of oxygenated blood.  The nutrients in Microgreens help to support cellular regeneration because they're loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and especially enzymes.  Enzymes are fabulous for protecting us against free radical damage to our cells...get the picture here?!  They also help to protect us against viruses and bacteria since those don't survive well in oxygenated blood.  Win win!

Get your greens folks...and make most of them Microgreens for sure!

The Power of Nature for Your Body!

From my friend Carlos in Puerto Rico:  Little droplets of knowledge!  

General information about Watercress..reducing the risk of cancer.  This family of cruciferous vegetables has a high content of a group of Phytochemicals called Glucosinolates, which are precursors of a group of compounds that fight cancer known as Isothicyanates...I know these words seem like a lot to try and remember, so no worries!  Just remember this...eating this family of Microgreens, such as Cress and Broccoli is a GREAT thing to help ward off disease.  In addition to fighting cancer, Watercress also seems to have properties for the preservation of hearing and helping to reduce the most common cause of blindness in adults, Macular Degeneration.  It seems that this plant is able to achieve these effects through their high levels of two Carotenoids, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  

Helping in the prevention of heart disease:  High levels of Lutein that are found in Watercress can offer an additional benefit, preventing the development of Coronary Artery Disease and heart attacks.  Several studies have shown that a diet that provides us with the levels of Lutein needed can protect our arteries from forming dangerous plaques.  Ok, be right back...gotta go plant more Cress!!  Remember to add healthy fats to your greens, like avocado, and extra virgin olive oil for enhanced nutrition!

Growing Nutrition in a VERY small package!

Did you know that you can get a whole days worth of nutrients by just taking in a small amount of Microgreens?  It's pretty incredible to think about really.  The key at the end of the day is "absorption".  How many nutrients are we really ingesting at the end of day when it comes to our vegetables?  Because of the density of these plants at this stage, you're actually getting a higher amount of nutrients absorption because of it's high density the ounce!  You don't need to eat 5 broccoli plants at one sitting, which would be nearly impossible, but you can eat an ounce or two of broccoli Microgreens and have your entire days worth of valuable well as being able to absorb these nutrients much better because you're able to chew these small plants well and digest them and utilize them better.  Some research has shown that it's actually best to eat them straight without adding a lot of others foods with them, but whichever way you choose, you'll still reap the benefits.  So many of the nutrients are destroyed from our larger counterpart plants, which makes them less nutritious, so it's such a great thing that growing these plants and harvesting them at an early stage without any chemical pesticides you are really getting such a great bang for your buck!  It's a fantastic nutrient dense a small adorable little package..I sell by the ounce :)



Microgreens are NOT Sprouts!

Let me settle some confusion as to the difference between microgreens and sprouts. I know when I first started growing microgreens I had to learn this too!  Although often lumped together let me state that  microgreens are NOT sprouts.  Starting in the 2000's all "raw" sprouts became infamous for posing a risk for food borne illnesses such a Salmonella and E.Coli.  Better than sprouts, these tiny greens (microgreens) do NOT pose the same risk.  One of the main reasons is that microgreens are harvested when many of these risks aren't present.  Another factor to the safety of microgreens is these tiny greens use soil and sunlight to produce, rather than germinated seeds rinsed in water.  

Microgreens are cut off at soil level and are often 1-3 inches in length.  Sprouts are germinated seeds. What this means is that the "germ" of the seeds awakes from it's slumber, and becomes a real live plant.  Using the nutrients stored in the seed, the embryo develops its stem.  Imagine a bean sprout: that's the infant plant's stem!  If you let a sprouting seed grow, then eventually you have a full grown plant.  But until then, you have  crunchy sprouts.  Sprouts are germinated and rinsed in water once or twice daily and grow very quickly.  Very little light, or no light is needed for sprouts to grow.  

Sprouting seeds require a certain amount of humidity, a condition in which bacteria can thrive in...this is where the big difference between the two lies.  Microgreens and sprouts are technically at different parts of the growing cycle of any given vegetable/herb.  It's always best to use good sterilizing and food safety practices when growing and handling any food...which we do!  Safety first!  I feel totally confident in the safety of these wonderful nutrient dense greens.  Personally I'd rather have pretty green baby plants on my plate than sprouts, but we're all different and can enjoy both as long as you feel safe knowing where your sprouts come from.  

Me and the little greens..

So I have to say, I've been growing these little greens for a few months now and I'm really enjoying it! You can just chill and plant some seeds and watch them grow almost instantly.  For me, I have to say this works since I'm the type that likes to see my progress on anything right away..good or bad.  Maybe this is why I  like to paint...instant gratification :). 

I'm excited to take these to market and see what will be.  Either way, I'll continue to grow and eat these nutritional gems.  I just think they look so pretty on the plate!  Who knew I'd become obsessed with small green plants...well maybe me.  I'm also in love with succulents, so I guess it all makes sense.